Cheat Day - Gluten Free Egg Tarts

May as well start this food blog on a cheat day.


Egg Tarts on street market

Whenever I walk by an Asian bakery those golden nests of goodness always catch my eyes. Creamy, eggy sweet custard baked in that flaky, buttery shell.

Shouldn't be too hard to make. After all, we can cheat. =]

First cheat is to find gluten free tart shells. If you aren't lucky enough to have some delicious ones pre-ordered from @serendipitygf , just like me, we can find some quick alternatives in (copyright) Real Canada Tremendous Store or Walshop. They are in the freezer with gluten free loafs. Gosh those skinny loafs.. they just look so sad. Did you know we are regularly supplied with Gluten Free Foccaccia from Serendipity Gluten Free Catering? Anyways.

The rest is super simple, just mix all fillings ingredients (listed below) in a bowl, pour through a sift and fill each pie shell up to the 2/3 mark. Yes I know my eyes aren't as good as the younger days. I filled mine all the way up and I couldn't move them an inch without some major housekeeping takeover.

The package says bake at 375 f (190c) for 13-15min. what a package of lies. anyways 25 minutes later some started browning on top, so I turned the pan around for even cooking, and 8-10 minutes later they are all toasted and golden brown with those signature burnt marks on top, peaking up and down releasing the heat.


Even if you are the kind of naughty that eat the inside of the bread on the way home from the bakery, you need to let it set a little bit. Not only that the custard would haha burn your mouth, but also the crust is like a newly baked cookie, they are still soft. You want to wait till that crunch moment can happen when you first bite into it.

Oh and the leftovers taste wonderful fridge cold!!!


Enjoy! L




4 ct Egg Yolk

20g Raw Sugar (a heap tbsp)

20g Cornstarch (two heap tbsp)

1/4 Cup Reduced Sugar Condensed Milk

1 Cup Skim Milk

1/2 Cup Single Cream (18%)

Mix, Sift, Pour.

375F, 25-30 mins or till top is turning brown.