April 2017 update:

The position is now filled. Thank you for anyone applied and wish you good luck on your future job searching.

DRIP management.


We are seeking friendly, intelligent and independent people with experience in the coffee shop and/or restaurant industry.

If you don’t have experience, it’s OK. If you love coffee, fresh food, taking pride in your work and the desire to be challenged and learn – apply.

The position we are currently hiring for is not for everyone, so we would like to try to save some time and effort on everyone's part:

- If you don’t like people (or talking to them), don’t apply.

- If you cannot multi-task, don’t apply.

- If you want to slack at your part-time job, show up late, book off every Friday & Saturday or skip shifts when you’re hungover, don’t apply.

- If you are not genuinely friendly, positive or motivated, don’t apply.

We only say this because we want you to be happy at your job. And we want to be happy working with you!

happy working with you!



Is genuinely friendly. Can you focus on making people feel good, even if you’re having a rough day? Do you feel comfortable chatting with strangers? Can you connect with people? Read body language?

Takes pride in and wants to be awesome at their job. Are you going to care about your quality of work? Are you going to get the job done – and take pride while doing so? What about the not-so-awesome jobs like stocking or cleaning the bathrooms – can you do these too?

Can get up early in the morning and function. Some shifts will start early. Are you going to be on time? Can we rely on you? Is your brain working at 7am?

Is creative, artistic and appreciates style. Are you into art, music or design? Do you like to make stuff look good? Do you appreciate beauty in the day-to-day?

Can work 10-20 hours a week. We understand that at times, you’ll want to book a day off. But if you’re into booking more days off than working, this won’t be the position for you.

If you are the above ‘someone’, send us your resume and a cover letter addressed to Charlie explaining who you are and why you want this job to info@cafedrip.ca 

Not an essay - just a paragraph.